Large product portfolio for all kinds of abrasives, both bonded or coated, with specific or standard specifications. For grinding, machining, blasting or cutting operations, our products are FEPA or ANSI compliant; they can also be customized upon request. Our Abral® patented superabrasive is also available for high-end bonded abrasives


NFA offers a wide range of products in angular or blocky shapes (CA or CU types) and different purity levels (CA standard or CAHPF high purity grades) for best results in blasting operations. These product lines are available in macro and micrograins for covering for all sandblasting purposes. They are fully compliant with most of the existing blasting machines and systems.

Investment casting

For critical parts made through investment casting processes, our premium quality and our large range of products will answer tough requirements for dimensional accuracy and perfect stability, especially for the aerospace, automotive and medical (i.e. knees or hips prosthesis) sectors for instance.