Niche fused alumina

Arc Fused Alumina becomes 
Niche Fused Alumina

Welcome to NICHE Fused Alumina!


This is our new name, as part of NICHE, the Specialty Products Division of New Day Aluminum Holdings LLC.

Our web site will soon be available.

Meanwhile, we will be glad to assist you as usual, through the following contact form.


Your NFA team

NICHE Fused Alumina currently employs over 150 people in La Bâthie (France) and produces several specialty alumina products, including white-fused alumina, bubble alumina, and silicone nitrides, among others.

NICHE Fused Alumina products are used in several areas, including but not limited to filtration ceramics, flooring, abrasives, brake pads and refractory applications.


38 Rue des Fondeurs
73540 La Bathie - FRANCE


New Day Aluminum Holdings LLC to acquire Arc Fused Alumina in La Bâthie (France)

Press ARTICLE: 31.1.19

New Day Aluminum Holdings LLC introduces NICHE, its specialty products business division

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